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Make no mistake: it’s not easy to make learning part of our every day. Shelley’s book, however, will help each of us do just that. It’s full of the very best kind of advice: straightforward and supremely doable ideas that you can put into practice right away—and that will make an actual difference.”

Frencesca Gino

Award-winning Harvard Business School professor and author of Rebel Talent and Sidetracked

In a workplace with five generations, there’s one skill that’s important no matter your age: continuous learning. The Upskilling Imperative is a road map for anyone who wants to build learning into the flow of work, foster growth throughout every stage of an employee’s career, and ultimately use continuous upskilling as a competitive advantage.”

Chip Conley

Airbnb strategic advisor for hospitality & leadership, Modern Elder Academy Founder

Every top performer I’ve ever met always has one thing in common: they’re lifetime learners. Rather than settling after formal education, they embrace a love of learning for the long run. Shelley Osborne’s The Upskilling Imperative gives a fresh and honest take on how organizations can harness that mentality and cultivate top performers every day.”

Josh Linkner

The New York Times bestselling author, tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist