Upskilling Imperative
Upskilling Imperative

Develop a learning culture to drive employee happiness, engagement, and productivity.

Shelley Osborne, a top executive at Udemy, the world’s largest online learning platform, shares her approach to workforce development and skill-building to sustain careers and companies for decades.

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Make no mistake: it’s not easy to make learning part of our every day. Shelley’s book, however, will help each of us do just that. It’s full of the very best kind of advice: straightforward and supremely doable ideas that you can put into practice right away—and that will make an actual difference.”

Frencesca Gino
Award-winning Harvard Business School professor and author of Rebel Talent and Sidetracked
The Upskilling Imperative:

Ways to make learning core to the way we work

In The Upskilling Imperative, Shelley Osborne, vice president of learning at Udemy, provides a roadmap to gaining knowledge that’s more effective for both individual employees and organizations. If you’re a leader, you can implement the five main components of a learning culture—and start closing that frustrating skills gap. If you’re an overwhelmed manager, you’ll become more comfortable getting employees ready for rapid change. If you’re a team leader, you’ll discover how to encourage direct reports to embrace learning to improve performance. This evolved mindset can make the inevitable next workplace upheaval or technology something to learn from and even look forward to—instead of something to dread.

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